5 Ways to Invest in Yourself with Your Tax Return

With tax season upon us, you may have already filed or you might still be waiting to file your taxes. What are you planning to do with your tax refund? It might be easy to go on a spending spree or purchase new toys just for fun, but what if you invested your money into something that would give back to you?

At Wright CNC, we manufacture CNC plasma cutting tables that are innovative and reliable. If you run a small metalworking business, you could use your tax return to invest in a CNC plasma cutting table that allows you to produce high-quality products faster than ever before. Check out these other ways you could invest in yourself or your business with your tax return this year.

Create an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is a specific type of savings account meant to take care of you for several months in the event of a crisis, like job loss. It’s a good idea to open high-interest savings account so it continues to accumulate funds. Very few people have an emergency fund, but it can be helpful in the unfortunate event of a crisis. Use your tax return to either start or add to an emergency fund so your finances don’t take a hit in the event of a disaster.

Put Your Money in a 529

A 529 is a plan that allows you to invest money for educational expenses. This is a great option for parents who want to start saving money for their child’s college fund. A 529 plan also offers tax-free growth so nothing you put into the account will be taxed.

Home Improvement Projects

If your home is in need of improvements, a good time to invest is right after you receive your tax refund. Improve or replace things that will save you money in the future. Install new windows to save energy if the old ones leak; replace leaking faucets to save on water; replace old light fixtures with LED ones to save on electricity and energy. If you have the finances to renovate a room, choose one that could stand to be more functional so you can get more out of it.

Purchase a New Kitchen Appliance

It might not seem like an investment, but purchasing a new appliance for the kitchen can encourage you to eat at home more. This will help you develop your cooking or baking skills, and it will also help you save money that you would usually spend eating out at a restaurant. Purchase a deep freezer that allows you to prepare and store meals in advance or purchase a standing mixer so you can prepare more baked goods at home.

Purchase New Work Equipment

You can use your tax return to invest in your own business. Purchase new equipment or software that is faulty or out of date. Not only are you creating a new stream for income, but you will also be able to deduct the expense from your business taxes for the following year.

If you run a metalworking business, you could purchase a new CNC plasma cutting table from Wright CNC. We use innovative technology and advanced software to help your business succeed. We also offer to finance for as low as $138 per month. Learn more about our amazing CNC plasma cutting tables today.

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