A 2x2 Plasma Table: The Perfect Tool For The DIYer

At heart, you’re a DIYer. You spend your free time looking for projects to improve the functionality or design of your home. You even offer your services to other people. As your skill set continues to expand with each new project, you discover a need for more tools to help you do your work more precisely and efficiently.

When you discover a need for metalworking in your home or others start asking you if you can cut metal pieces for them, don’t turn these projects away because you don’t have the appropriate tools. Wright CNC offers a 2x2 plasma table for anyone working on smaller projects or likes to do metalworking on the side. Discover if a 2x2 plasma table could be the perfect investment to take your DIY skills to the next level, and check out all of our CNC plasma cutting tables today.

Custom Pieces

If you’re doing a lot of custom work already, chances are that any metalworking you do will also need to be custom. A 2x2 plasma table accommodates the needs for a variety of custom pieces. Whether you’re cutting custom door hinges, wall decor elements, or metal handles, a 2x2 plasma table allows you to cut a variety of originally designed pieces.

Saves On Space

If you’ve been doing a lot of your own projects for a while, chances are you have a lot of hand and power tools in your garage or workshop. Investing in a CNC plasma cutting table will require dedicating a certain amount of space so that the table can run properly. With a 2x2 plasma table, you’ll still have all of the capabilities of a large CNC plasma cutting table, but it won’t take up as much room in your workspace.

Great Learning Tool

While you probably dove into a lot of projects head first without any previous know-how, metalworking can be a costly endeavor if you don’t know what you’re doing. A 2x2 plasma table is like a sandbox for you to test your ideas on a smaller scale. You’ll be able to learn the software and how to best design your pieces. Plus, you still have two feet of cutting space in either direction, so scaling up projects is possible.

Complementary To Welding

Whether you use a MIG or TIG welder, the next step in your journey of metalworking is cutting out the pieces that you weld. This will give you an even deeper understanding of the different aspects behind your skill, as well as a deeper appreciation for the properties of metal.

Imagine how customized and intricate your pieces can become when you are able to cut and weld entire projects yourself. A 2x2 plasma table can help make those ideas a reality.

Great For The Woodworker

If you prefer to work with wood more than metal, a CNC plasma cutting table could still be a great addition to your DIY shop. Imagine being able to cut out metal ornaments that can go on your custom furniture to make it even more valuable.

Whether you’re cutting out design elements to add to your woodworking pieces or you’re cutting out functional parts like handles, being able to add metal touches to your work gives your projects an extra edge that makes your house feel more like a home — not to mention, you’ll definitely attract more people wanting custom pieces.

Most Affordable Option

If you’re debating on whether or not to purchase a CNC plasma cutting table, a great place to start is the 2x2 plasma table. Not only does it fit well in a variety of spaces, allows you to cut custom pieces for your projects, is an accessible way to learn CNC technology, and is a great addition to welding and woodworking skills, but it is also the most affordable option on the market for a CNC plasma cutting table.

At Wright CNC, we offer to finance our CNC plasma cutting tables, making our 2x2 plasma table just a $60 per month payment for you. Check out the 2x2 plasma table today to learn more about its features, dimensions, and upgrade options. We also offer installation help if you decide to purchase. Contact Wright CNC for more information about our plasma cutting tables, and purchase your 2x2 plasma table today!

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