Benefits Of Purchasing A 2x2 Plasma Table Over A 4x4 or 5x5 Plasma Table

Whether you have a small business or you’re an avid DIYer, deciding to purchase a CNC plasma cutting table is a big step in improving your metalworking skillset. While you’re weighing your options, you may run into issues trying to decide which size of CNC plasma cutting table will work best for you. And while our 4x4 and 5x5 plasma cutting tables are great, sometimes bigger isn’t always better.

If you’re looking into purchasing a CNC plasma cutting table from Wright CNC, check out the benefits of purchasing a 2x2 plasma table over one of our larger models.

Lighter Weight

The more hardware you have to set up, the more it’s going to weigh if you ever have to move it around. Hopefully, you can dedicate a specific spot for your new CNC plasma cutting table, but it doesn’t hurt knowing that if you did have to move it, the process would be easier.

With two to three feet less surface area in either direction of the 2x2 plasma cutting table, you’ll have a lot less to move. Trust us, your back will thank you.

More Options For Work Space

Since the table is smaller, there are a lot more areas of your shop, garage, or warehouse that you’ll be able to set up your 2x2 plasma table in. It’s important to make sure you have enough room to comfortably move around the table, which you’ll have more of when your table is smaller.

While 4x4 or 5x5 tables are still a couple of our smaller tables, you’ll be much more limited in where you’ll be able to set up your machine and still be able to move around it.

Faster Cut Times

Think about it: if your file is set up with cuts closer together, the plasma cutter won’t have to move as far to the next cut. This will save time and allow you to get through cuts faster. If you’re setting up your files with cuts closer together, you don’t need as big of a table to cut on.

While you may be worried about mistakes, remember that our CNC plasma cutting tables are designed to be precise and make quality cuts. They automatically detect the height of the material and adjust accordingly while the cutter works. This makes the 2x2 plasma table great for more compact designs.

Save Money On Materials

On top of saving yourself time on projects by purchasing a smaller table, you’ll also save money. Our 2x2 plasma table is about $1,500 less expensive than the next size up in our Light Industrial line of CNC plasma cutting tables. This means less money out of your pocket, or smaller monthly payments if you choose to finance through Wright CNC.

Besides a less expensive CNC plasma cutting table, your 2x2 plasma table will also cost you less in materials. You won’t need to purchase giant sheets of metal as you would with larger tables, so your projects won’t be as expensive in initial costs.

Easier To Set Up

Part of your job when you receive your new CNC plasma cutting table is assembling it, which can be trickier to do if you have a larger table to put together. While we provide online and phone support to help guide you through the process, it will be easier for you to manage if you have the 2x2 plasma table to set up.

Easier To Learn

Not only is the 2x2 plasma table easier to set up and move around, but you’ll also be able to learn to use it more easily than the larger sizes of CNC plasma cutting tables. This is extremely helpful if you’re new to CNC technology because you can practice more and be able to see the cuts from a closer view. Of course, we don’t recommend getting right up next to the plasma cutter while it’s on, but a smaller workspace gives you a better angle to view your project being cut — which makes for a better photo op to share on your website or social media account!

If you’re ready to purchase a CNC plasma cutting table, Wright CNC has everything you need to learn the technology and create some amazing projects. Check out our 2x2 plasma table today, and contact us with any questions.

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