How To Start A Metalworking Business, Part Three: Expanding Your Business

Business model: check. Business registration: check. Branding: check. Vendors: check.

If you haven’t made it this far in building your metalworking business, check out Parts One and Two of our blog series about building a business. It’s important to lay the groundwork for your business and make sure your company is running smoothly before you think about expanding.

If your metalworking business is solid, then it’s time to expand! You can do more to boost your reputation, improve visibility, and increase sales to become more successful. If you’re expanding your location or opening a new one, you’ll need more equipment. Purchase another CNC plasma cutting table and plasma cutting system from Wright CNC.

Build Your Reputation

Your business may have a reputation for quality products, but creating a partnership with the community will create brand loyalty and attract new customers. Reach out to charity organizations to host an event or volunteer your time or products. Not only will people see that you care about a cause, but it’s also a great way to get your name out there.

You can also partner with other businesses to collaborate. Find another business whose products complement the metalworking that you do and propose hosting a joint event or advertising their products in exchange for them advertising yours. You’ll reach a new customer base that you may not have realized was there.

You can also reach out to influencers and ask for an endorsement. They could be bloggers, Instagrammers, local celebrities, or anyone who is well-known and well-liked. People trust the opinion of those they look up to, and by reaching out to a few different people for an endorsement, you also increase the likelihood of reaching new customers.

Add New Products

If your metalworking products have been selling successfully, then it’s time to expand the line. Find out what people are looking for from other businesses like yours and expand your line of products to include items that they’re searching for. This gives you the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and expand your demographic.

For example, if you sell metal lawn ornaments for the summer, research what else your customers are searching for and buying. Is it metal wall sculptures for the summer? Is it lawn ornaments for other seasons? With this information, you can start brainstorming new types of products that will be successful.

Target Specific Audiences

When marketing your products, aim them toward more specific audiences in your demographic. You can separate your target demographic into smaller groups and research what those specific groups are interested in most. You can split your customer base up by age, gender, location, and even their buying history of your products.

From there, you can create marketing campaigns for more specific audiences. By doing so, you can advertise specific products just to those groups. This has the potential to create more brand loyalty because these specific audiences feel like you’re catering specifically to them — and you are!

Literally, Expand Your Business

If your metalwork products are in high demand, expanding the physical location of your business is the perfect way to keep up. You can do this by expanding your current location or by opening up a shop in a new location. If you sell your products online locally, think about expanding the region that you ship your products to. This will open up an entirely new audience to market to in order to grow your business.

If you’re expanding your current location or opening a new one, you’re going to need more equipment to keep up with the demand for your products. Trust a machine that works quickly and efficiently, creating clean and precise cuts every time. When you purchase a CNC plasma cutting table from Wright CNC, you’re ensuring the success of your business by using quality equipment that creates quality metalwork. Check out our selection and choose the table that’s perfect for your business.

Remember, when you open a new location or expand your shipping range, success depends on how well you market the expansion. Announce on your website and social media that you’re expanding. Create deals for the new location to build your customer base before the doors ever open. See the “Brand And Market Your Business” section from Part Two of this series for tips on how to maximize visibility and following.

Building a business takes a lot of work and you’ll encounter several challenges along the way. It’s important to build a business plan, figure out how to finance your business, register your company, build a team, create a brand, market your company, develop B2B partnerships, and continue to expand. Each of these steps is vital and will help your metalworking business be successful. And for quality products, use quality equipment. Shop Wright CNC today for the best CNC plasma cutting tables in the industry.

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