How To Start A Metalworking Business, Part Two: Building A Team, Branding, And Finding Vendors

If you’ve finished Part One of our blog series on how to start a metalworking business or you have a metalworking business registered already, it’s time to start building your team, branding your business, and partnering with vendors to help your startup business be successful and run smoothly. It’s important to find a team that can support you in the startup stages of your business, create a recognizable brand and market your business online and on social media, and find vendors that you trust to deliver quality services and products you can use to serve your demographic.

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Build Your Startup Team

If you have a business that you’re ready to expand or you have a startup business that’s going to need a team, finding the right members is essential. It’s important to diversify the talents of your team in order to be successful in all facets of running your business.

If someone is creative but isn’t technically savvy with the CNC plasma cutting table, they can help create metalwork designs. Someone who is trained in CNC technology can create the file and run the machine to create the product. You’ll also need someone who is able to market your business both online and with printed materials.

Brand And Market Your Business

Your metalwork products may be amazing, but you’re still not going to sell anything if you don’t brand and market your business. It’s important that, before you open your business up to the public, you create a brand for your business that’s recognizable. You should start marketing it online to build a following ahead of time.

When it comes to branding, your logo is going to be the most widely used and recognizable piece of branding for your business. Sometimes, the simpler the logo, the better. It needs to be scalable so it doesn’t lose recognition at small sizes, like on business cards; if you choose a colored logo, it should also have a black and white version so that it works on a variety of outputs.

Put your logo everywhere: on your business cards, on your website, and on your social media pages. The more familiar they become with it, people will start to identify your logo with your company and products.

Marketing is a key component, too. It’s important to have a website for your business, as well as social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. Update your website regularly with new content and create posts on social media with coupon and discount offers. By doing all of this, you’ll create a customer base ready to purchase your products before you even have them available for purchase.

Enlist Vendors

In order to offer quality products and keep your business running smoothly, you need to partner with companies that offer services that will help you run your business. Purchase quality equipment for your metalworking, like a CNC plasma cutting table and plasma cutting system from Wright CNC. It’s also important to find a company you can rely on to distribute quality metal you can use to create your products.

It’s important to create several B2B (business to business) partnerships to help your business run. Businesses like CPAs help you with accounting and taxes, investors help you finance business expenses, and financial institutions can help you build business credit.

Growing Your Business

Once you have your metalworking business established and have a solid clientele, it’s important to continue to grow so that you can serve more people and continue to profit from your products. This could mean collaborating with other companies, partnering with charities, and reaching out to influencers to sponsor and promote your business. In Part Three of our blog series, we’ll go into more specific examples of how to grow your business using networking and marketing tools like these, as well as tips for expanding your physical business.

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