Why You Want a Wireless and Network-Capable System With Your Next Plasma Table

These days, just about everything is unplugged and connected to a network of some kind. From televisions to refrigerators and thermostats, the internet has allowed us to take control of our lives in ways we never thought possible.

The manufacturing industry is no different, and Wright CNC is changing the way that manufacturers interact with their customers and plasma tables. In today’s post, we’re going to start by explaining the benefits of wireless and network-capable systems on Windows 10 and why that is important for your next plasma table.

Today’s blog is intended to provide you with a high-level overview of the benefits of this setup, so please get in touch with the Wright CNC sales or support teams if you have any other questions about how this technology could benefit you and your business.
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What Is a Wireless and Network-Capable System?

A network-capable system means that your table is able to tap into a network that can be accessed from anywhere. A huge benefit from network-capable systems is remote tech support. For people running on a Windows 10 system, you can work with our technical support team and allow them to remotely log in to your machine so that you can both go over the settings that are causing your machine’s issue.

Another benefit is the ability to send files to the machine through the network from anywhere in the world. The result? Your machines can keep cutting even if you’re not in the shop. Someone would still need to load the files into the machine and be there to ensure safety (Do NOT try to cut remotely), but imagine how much more you could accomplish if you didn’t have to do everything in person for those bigger projects that may have people working in shifts.

Network connectivity is obviously a huge benefit, but what about the wireless aspect? Well, just think about how many cables are already in your work area. We’re willing to bet that it would take you an entire day to count them all! With a wireless system, however, you don’t have to worry about putting down any additional cables in your shop or connecting the machine to a router. Think about how much you have to plan where things go based on where the cables are wired. Going with a wireless CNC-enabled machine can free you up for better space usage in your shop. If you need to move it, you won’t be limited by ethernet cable length or any of the other connection issues you’ll find with hardwired tech.

We hope that today’s post has helped you to understand what a wireless and network-capable plasma system is and why you shouldn’t settle for anything less with your next plasma table.

As we said at the beginning of this post, this is just a high-level rundown and we plan to continue explaining this feature in more detail in coming posts. If you’d like to learn more about our products and how they could benefit your business, please get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Sales: 1-833-403-0629
  • Technical Support: 1-833-702-8119

We look forward to hearing from you.

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