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Mounted Control System Desktop

The control box of the computer system is mounted so you don’t need a desk to use your software. All of our CNC plasma cutting tables come with industry-standard software that’s easy to learn. Get access to InkScape, Qcad, Sheetcam, and Mach3 — all different programs that will help you make the most of your industrial table.

Automatic Torch Height Controller & Automatic Material Height Sensor

Setting the cutting height for your materials has never been easier with the Automatic Material Height Sensor and Automatic Torch Height Controller (THC). The material height sensor detects the height of your material so that it can set the proper cutting height to make precise and smooth cuts. The automatic THC uses similar technology to change the height of the plasma cutter to stay at the optimal cutting height throughout the project. These features help you set the cutting height faster from one material to the next, and allows you to maintain the quality of the cut on uneven materials like corrugated steel.

Wet-Dry Material Support System

The wet-dry material support system included in Wright CNC plasma cutting tables is a great feature when working in smaller areas. It captures sparks and smoke, so you can use your CNC system safely in your garage. It also keeps materials from warping due to heat, maintaining the quality of your cuts and the integrity of each part you’re working on.

Redesigned Frame & Table

The industrial CNC plasma cutting table from Wright CNC takes everything great about the light industrial tables and makes them beefier to handle more intensive projects. We designed a heavier duty table frame with wider legs made from a thicker material, giving it a greater weight capacity for your bigger, badder projects. The flat-top design of our table makes it easy to load and unload materials — all you have to do is remove the side gantries to slide your materials on or off of the table.

Automated Cable Management

Keep your time working on projects simplified and efficient when you use a Wright CNC plasma cutting table that has an automated cable management system. Loose and tangled cables can be dangerous to your workspace or, at a minimum, be annoying to deal with. We created a system that keeps your cords organized and tucked away from your workspace so you can stay focused on production.


"I recently purchased a table, computer, hypertherm 45xp and waterpan from Wrightcnc and love it. They have answered all my emails, easy to get ahold of and have came to my location several times to help me out. My table was ready on time, packaged good and all parts were there. 5 stars in my book. Thanks guys."

— LV Custom Signs

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