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InkScape, Qcad, SheetCam, Mach3

All Wright CNC computers for CNC plasma cutting tables come with industry-standard software that’s easy to learn. You won’t be forced to purchase expensive software that only works with one type of machine. When you place your order with the Wright CNC team, we give you direct access to the software. Y ou’ll be able to download it to your personal computer immediately and start learning the software before your CNC plasma cutting table and system even arrives. *Sheetcam & Mach3 licenses added at an additional price.

Automatic Torch Height Controller (THC)

The automatic torch height controller (THC) is a revolutionary feature included in all Wright CNC plasma cutting tables. This feature is able to maintain the cut height of the plasma torch, providing a higher quality cut for the entire length of the cut. It automatically adjusts the height of the plasma torch as it moves over uneven materials like corrugated steel. It also accounts for warping of the material. *Automatic Torch Height Controller may be added at an additional price.

Wet-Dry Material Support System

The wet-dry material support system included in Wright CNC plasma cutting tables is a great feature when working in smaller areas. It captures sparks and smoke, so you can use your CNC system safely in your garage. It also keeps materials from warping due to heat, maintaining the quality of your cuts and the integrity of each part you’re working on. *Wet Dry Material Support System may be added at an additional price.

Automatic Material Height Sensor

Our automatic material height sensor is included with our CNC plasma cutting tables. It automatically sets the initial cutting height, and it saves you time and energy as you change out material types. This feature also ensures that you start each cut at the proper height so you get a precise cut every time.

Automated Cable Management

For your convenience, every Wright CNC plasma cutting table includes an automated cable management system to keep all cords neatly arranged and safely tucked away from your work space. Wright CNC is setting a standard in the light industrial CNC market with this feature by ensuring your safety and ease of use while using our CNC system.


"I recently purchased a table, computer, hypertherm 45xp and waterpan from Wrightcnc and love it. They have answered all my emails, easy to get ahold of and have came to my location several times to help me out. My table was ready on time, packaged good and all parts were there. 5 stars in my book. Thanks guys."

— LV Custom Signs

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